New Maps, Recruitable Heroes and Buildings

I. New Maps

(1) There are two new maps of Lv 160 added in: Oracle Land & City of the Gods.

---Oracle Land (BOSSES: Karmanps, Kukulcan and Itzamna)

---City of the Gods (BOSSES: Nanahuatzin, Gukumatz and Ometeotl)

(2) There will be two maps of Lv 170 added in: Sacred Basin & Vast Wetland.

--- Sacred Basin (Recruitable Hero: Karmanps)

--- Vast Wetland (Recruitable Hero: Kukulcan)

II. New Recruitable Heroes

III. New Buildings

(1) Building Added in City

Tax Office II: Upgrade increases tax rate. Appears when Assembly reaches Lv 140.

(2) Buildings Added in Gemtown

A. Jade Atelier: Upgrade increases Gems gained from cutting Jades. Appears when Orefield reaches Lv 160.

B. Treasure Court: Upgrade reduces the cost of cutting in percentage. Appears when Orefield reaches Lv 160.